Skip To My Dirt / Hunted Dryads EP

Date: 21 December 2020

Label: JTseries

Cat.: JTS007D

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“Opening with a hallucinatory surreal ambience created by Szymon Z, Hunted Dryads is a burst of relentless techno brought by the likes of Charlton, Patrick DSP, Burden. Melted into an organic atmosphere, it features also a collaboration between Reel and DAHRAXT, that mix depth-charge broken percussive minimalism with drifting drones. The VA is inspired by the ancient story of Dryads, which have been brutally thrown out of their dwelling but whose spirit has not yet been broken.
The legend has it that, where now urban communities have been battling to stay alive and united, Dryads were once living in a state of harmony. Hidden for millennia from the prying eyes of the wider world, Dryads were magically bound to trees which they protected with all their strength. Constantly fighting against the loss of roots and characters in their community, their spirit brought the forest to life. Until the day that humans ultimately raided and ruined their lands, turning the forest -now deprived of its essence- in an abandoned gloomy place full of concrete and skyscrapers. With the collapse of the economy and increasing environmental disasters, chaos swept across the world. Everywhere, civilisations burned and madness overtook order. As the great battle for urban-jungle survival had become more desperate, the natures of some spirits had changed. Welcome to the new hunting era. Guess who is the prize now?”

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1Szymon ZPyracantha
2Dahraxt, RellOrpheus’ Battle
3CharltonA so called Live Event
4Patrick DSPSkip To My Dirt
6Burden (9)New World Bandits