Pure Passion / Suck My Kick

Pure Passion Suck My Kick

Date: 22 June 2007

Label: Killaz

Cat.: SK05

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Misa – Pure Passion DJ Mix
1-01Morison vs DamoksMonster’s InsideWritten By, Producer – Damoks , Morison3:34
1-02Kill Switch & Reset *-NastyboysWritten By, Producers – Bernat Gyurcsik , Zoltan Haar4:05
1-03OBIDespatch This Dirty Bitch (Patrick DSP Remix) Remix – Patrick DSP , Patrick GharapetianWritten By, Producer – Tobias Lüke3:26
1-04Lukas * + nitro soundBurps And BeatsWritten By, Producers – Gustavo Froes , Lucas Freire1:47
1-05kryzReturn To Libc (Dysconform) (Geezer Remix) Remix – Geezer , Guy McAfferWritten By, Producer – Kryz5:54
1-06Kill Switch & Reset *-West Coast Is BackWritten By, Producers – Bernat Gyurcsik , Zoltan Haar3:51
1-07Sven Wittekind versus Torsten ChancellorOne hand washes the otherWritten By, Producer – Sven Wittekind , Torsten Kanzler3:47
1-08Christian Fischer & DJ MurphyslavesWritten By, Producer – Christian Fischer , Jens Maiwald & Tobias Fiedler *7:06
1-09Pasquale SchwarzzGetting StartedWritten By, Producer – Pasquale Schwarzz4:21
1-10DJ RushGet On Up (Sven Wittekind Remix) Remix, Producer [Additional] – Sven WittekindWritten-By, Producer – I. Major *3:49
1-11PET duoThe Definition Of A PetWritten By, Producers – Ana Pet * , David Pet *3:43
1-12S.EweMountain Climber (Sven Wittekind Remix) Remix – Sven WittekindWritten By, Producer – Sascha Ewe2:23
1-13Alex Calver & Mike AndrewsExorcismWritten By, Producers – Alex Calver , Mike Andrews4:13
1-14Morison vs DamoksAlpha Against OmegaWritten By, Producer – Damoks , Morison3:44
1-15OBIRespect the RulesWritten By, Producer – Tobias Lüke3:03
1-16Torsten ChancellorresumeWritten By, Producer – Torsten Kanzler0:49
1-17Arkus Plet me goWritten By, Producer – Peter Schmidt (5)1:45
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