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Thanks to Lisa aka DJ Noncompliant for using her literary prowess to update Patrick DSP’s DJ biography after many years of sitting by the wayside.

Techno: Past, Present & Future.

Words like “uncompromising” get tossed around a lot when talking about music, but Patrick DSP is the real deal. No matter the current techno trends, his style has remained energetic, raw, and powerful throughout the years. Standing in front of a sound system while he works the decks is like standing in front of a moving train: it might hurt a little, but you won’t forget it. From his DJing to his production, there is a raw drive to the music and the man behind it that never stops. 

Patrick started spinning records at underground raves in Canada in 1996 and quickly found himself making the music that had drawn him to DJing. Music production was a window into sonic exploration and new music technologies that led him to create everything from film scores to his signature pounding techno sounds. As he honed his skills, he also took time to teach others how to make music, giving advice and teaching classes on music production. 

His extensive discography includes releases on seminal labels like Glenn Wilson’s Heroes, Dave the Drummer’s Hydraulix, DJ T-1000’s Pure Sonik, DJ Rush’s Kne’ Deep, and the legendary Djax-Up Beats. His production style is inspired by his DJing: tight and thumping with a high level of energy and drive. Working with so many techno greats led him to many collaborations as well, including a collaboration with Miss Djax on the stellar “Techno Crusaders” album. 

After relocating to Berlin, Patrick parlayed his hard work and dedication to his craft into mastering music for other artists, eventually opening Neptune Mastering in Berlin. As an engineer with an intimate knowledge of dance music sound systems and culture, he understands how critical it is to make a record hit hard on a dance floor. 

With those kinds of bona fides, it is no surprise that he has DJed so many legendary events worldwide, spanning massive festivals like Germany’s famous Love Parade, Amsterdam Dance Event, MayDay, and Awakenings, to clubs like Madrid’s Fabrik, and Tresor Berlin.

Whether as a DJ, producer, engineer, or just a guy who loves techno, Patrick DSP has dedicated his time and energy to techno. He’s stayed true to the sound he loves the most, and whether you’re listening to a record he’s made or having your hair blasted back by one of his blistering DJ sets, you know he’s not holding anything back. It’s full-on, it’s charging, and it’s real.