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Patrick DSP 2024

We spoke to five Berlin-based individuals who work across the music industry as DJs, promoters, event managers and artists to hear how coronavirus has affected them and how they are dealing with it.



Of course there’s been a lot of changes. For the DJ side of things, all my gigs for at least the next 6 months have been cancelled or postponed. I have been invited to play a few “Post-Corona” events but obviously I told them only if and when it is safe to do so not only for myself but for those attending. For now, I plan to focus a bit more on my music production side as well as getting to a few projects I have been putting off like updating my discographies and websites.

On the Neptune Mastering side of things, it’s really picked up! It’s tripled in fact. I’m guessing that it won’t slow down since many artists actually have time now to write more music. In future, who knows what will happen to the state of buying, selling, and the playing of music.

I think that any focus on what might happen in the long term will just be detrimental to one’s own mental state right now. Artists will still find ways to be creative and create music no matter how it’s played or what the financial outcomes are. That’s what makes us human. Money will come and go. People and integrity matter, now more than ever. Help each other. Focusing on the positives and personal growth is what will push us through these difficult times.

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