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Naked Lunch Agency News – massive new sounds and videos by Boriqua Tribez, Patrick DSP, D.A.V.E. the drummer and Submerge! Get your‪#‎techno‬ fill here! For bookings email:

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Experience Patrick DSP dropping massive bombs at the legendary event in London called “London Underground United”. If you enjoyed this clip make sure to check out the full set on Soundcloud here.

Patrick DSP Live In Brazil

Aside from working hard in his studio whether it be producing a new banging tracks or working on mastering for his Neptune Studios company,Patrick DSP is a full force techno warrior.With his combination of skill between his studio expertise and over 20 years in DJ, you can expect a mesmerizing show! His latest set demonstrates this skill, as it was recording live in Brazil, as he finished up his South American Tour, at the end of 2014, playing on 3 Decks & with a 303.

Also keep an eye out for his new podcast on Connected played Q-Dance Radio DJ Set – April 2015 Aires: 21.04.2015 @ 18:00 CET.

Patrick DSP On DJax Upbeats

The latest release by Patrick DSP comes out on Miss DJax notorious label “DJax Upbeats”, entitled Dank Molly. This 3 track EP is a home run, including remixes by Miss DJax herself and our agency artist Ortin Cam, providing elite sounding techno by artists we love!Supported by: Ade Fenton, Drumcomplex, Audio Injection, Axel Karakasis, Bas Mooy, Dave Clarke, Gez Varley (LFO), James Ruskin, Jamie Anderson, Joseph Capriati, Mark Archer, Mr. Jones, Ogi, Oliver Way, Paccou, Paco Osuna, Paul Langley, Rees Urban, Krenzlin, Simon Hi-Shock, Spiros Kaloumenos, Sutter Cane, Terry Mullan, and more…”


Upcoming remixes include an EP Patrick DSP just finished with Julian Liberator aka Booty Slave, a remix on DolbyD’s label “Dolma Records” and a remix of Ortin Cam – Redux Gain on “Elektrax Records”!
DSP 2014 Website

New Website & Agency

DSP 2014 WebsiteIt’s almost spring time again. So it’s time to clean up the old website and have a fresh new look for the new season.  Have a look around as we add new features and better integration with sites like Facebook, Soundcloud, and YouTube.  Expect to see a new store in the near future with Shirts, Music and Software patches.

Naked Lunch AgencyWe can also take this time to Officially Announce that Patrick DSP has teamed up with A.Paul’s Naked Lunch Agency for World Wide Booking Representation.  Patrick will be joined alongside many other respected Techno friends and artists.

It’s shaping up to be a great time for techno in 2014. Are you ready?

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Welcome Back!

Patrick DSP.comWelcome to the long awaited and needed update for As you can see a lot has changed for the better. Up at the top you can quickly see the banner showing you quickly what’s happening and links for more info or stores. This new site fully compatible with iPhones & iPads now. We’ll also be able to update a lot more often as it’s not as complex to do so.  In the mean time there might be some missing photos or links for now until the site is fully transfered over. Right, with tout of the way, back to the music!

First up I’d like to announce my confirmation for the month long kaZantip Festival. I havn’t had much time for events this year but I’m excited to say that this will be my first trip to the Ukraine. I’m sure it’ll be a great time and I hope to see you there as well.

As I said already that I’ve been really busy in the studio for the past while. Here’s some of the newest releases and remixes you can check out…

Kd057 Hydro044 Ndl158 Elekcd007 PS020 Gob077

Last but not least, the Soundcloud account has also been upgraded! This means that all downloads are now UNLIMITED, so there will be a lot more sets and tracks uploaded soon for those of you that can’t get enough of that site.

That’s enough news for now I think.  Speak soon, and enjoy.

-Patrick DSP

Naked Lunch 158

The Improbable

The Improbable

Release Date: 30 June 2011
Label: Naked Lunch 158

Release/catalogue: NDL158

Track Listing

1. Diarmaid O Meara – The Strip – Original Mix 6:07
2. Diarmaid O Meara – The Improbable – Original Mix 7:15
3. Diarmaid O Meara – The Improbable – Brian Burger Remix 8:46
4. Diarmaid O Meara – The Improbable – Michael Schwarz Remix 8:03
5. Diarmaid O Meara – The Improbable – DavidChristoph Remix 7:40
6. Diarmaid O Meara – The Improbable – Patrick DSP Remix 6:14
7. Diarmaid O Meara – The Improbable – Luke Creed Build Loop Tool 5:13
8. Diarmaid O Meara – The Improbable – Tribaljack Remix 5:47
9. Diarmaid O Meara – The Improbable – Dave Elyzium Remix 8:40