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Massive new sounds and videos by Boriqua Tribez, Patrick DSP, D.A.V.E. the drummer and Submerge! Get your‪#‎techno‬ fill here!


Representation: WORLDWIDE | More info on PATRICK DSP
Experience Patrick DSP dropping massive bombs at the legendary event in London called “London Underground United”. If you enjoyed this clip make sure to check out the full set on Soundcloud here.

Patrick DSP Live In Brazil

Aside from working hard in his studio whether it be producing a new banging tracks or working on mastering for his Neptune Studios company,Patrick DSP is a full force techno warrior.With his combination of skill between his studio expertise and over 20 years in DJ, you can expect a mesmerising show! His latest set demonstrates this skill, as it was recording live in Brazil, as he finished up his South American Tour, at the end of 2014, playing on 3 Decks & with a 303.

Also keep an eye out for his new podcast on Connected played Q-Dance Radio DJ Set – April 2015 Aires: 21.04.2015 @ 18:00 CET.

Patrick DSP On DJax Upbeats

The latest release by Patrick DSP comes out on Miss DJax notorious label “DJax Upbeats”, entitled Dank Molly. This 3 track EP is a home run, including remixes by Miss DJax herself and our agency artist Ortin Cam, providing elite sounding techno by artists we love! Supported by: Ade Fenton, Drumcomplex, Audio Injection, Axel Karakasis, Bas Mooy, Dave Clarke, Gez Varley (LFO), James Ruskin, Jamie Anderson, Joseph Capriati, Mark Archer, Mr. Jones, Ogi, Oliver Way, Paccou, Paco Osuna, Paul Langley, Rees Urban, Krenzlin, Simon Hi-Shock, Spiros Kaloumenos, Sutter Cane, Terry Mullan, and more…”


Upcoming remixes include an EP Patrick DSP just finished with Julian Liberator aka Booty Slave, a remix on DolbyD’s label “Dolma Records” and a remix of Ortin Cam – Redux Gain on “Elektrax Records”!
Dank Molly

Dank Molly

Dank MollyWhite Noise Radio 143Patrick DSP’s “Dank Molly” EP with Ortin Cam & Miss Djax remixes is out now!

Supported by: Ade Fenton, Drumcomplex, Audio Injection, Axel Karakasis,Bas Mooy, Dave Clarke, Gez Varley (LFO), James Ruskin, Jamie Anderson, Joseph Capriati, Mark Archer, Mr. Jones, DJ Ogi, Oliver Way, Paccou, Paco Osuna OFFICIAL, Paul Langley – Jackstar, Rees Urban,Krenzlin, DJ Hi-Shock, Spiros Kaloumenos, Sutter Cane, Terry Mullan, and more…
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With a big shout out to Dave Clarke for having “Dank Molly” (DJAX UP Beats 404) on this week’s White Noise Radio.

Techno Crusaders Remixes

Techno Crusaders Remixes

Techno Crusaders Remixes Release Date: 29 April 2013

Label: DJAX UP Beats

Links: Junodownload – Beatport – iTunes

Release/catalogue: DJAXUP 23

Track Listing

1 Breath of Life Mark Archer Remix 5:49 / 132 BPM
2 Techno Crusaders Mike Humphries Remix 5:06 / 134 BPM
3 Booty-Trap Paul Mac Old School Remix 4:42 / 136 BPM
4 Motor City Oliver Kucera Remix 6:03 / 136 BPM
5 Booty-Trap Du’art Remix 5:42 / 136 BPM
6 Techno Crusaders A. Paul Remix 5:04 / 134 BPM
7 The Rock A-Brothers Chilled Iron Remix 7:56 / 130 BPM
8 Heatwave Pacou Remix 6:22 / 136 BPM
9 Techno Crusaders Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss Remix 6:51 / 140 BPM
10 Booty-Trap Ritzi Lee Remix 5:00 / 137 BPM
11 Motor City Diarmaid O Meara Remix 6:47 / 133 BPM
12 Breath of Life Angel Alanis Strange Days Remix 7:49 / 132 BPM
13 Breath of Life Angel Alanis Tone Def Remix 6:52 / 130 BPM
14 Panic Attack Joseph McGeechan Remix 5:46 / 106 BPM
Techno Crusaders Remixes

Techno Crusaders Remixes

Techno Crusaders RemixesYou can now listen to and pre-order the 14 amazing remixes of our Techno Crusaders album. Remixes by Mark Archer (Altern8 / Nexus21), Mike Humphries, Paul Mac, A.Paul, Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss, Pacou, Du’art, A-Brothers, Ritzi Lee, Angel Alanis, Oliver Kucera, Diarmaid O Meara and Joseph McGeechan. Djax-Up-23. Official release 29 April 2013.

Techno Crusaders

Techno Crusaders

Techno Crusaders

Release Date: 11 September 2012
Record Label: DJAX UP Beats
Links: JunodownloadBeatport – iTunes

Release/catalogue: DJAXUP 022

Track Listing

1. Miss Djax & Patrick DSP – “Techno Crusaders” 05:54
2. Miss Djax & Patrick DSP – “Booty-Trap” 05:14
3. Miss Djax & Patrick DSP – “The Rock” 05:28
4. Miss Djax & Patrick DSP – “Motor City” 05:44
5. Miss Djax & Patrick DSP – “Panic Attack” 05:45
6. Miss Djax & Patrick DSP – “Go Back” 05:40
7. Miss Djax & Patrick DSP – “Heatwave” 05:42
8. Miss Djax & Patrick DSP – “Fully Loaded” 06:38
9. Miss Djax & Patrick DSP – “Chosen” 05:38
10. Miss Djax & Patrick DSP – “Feel It” 06:10
11. Miss Djax & Patrick DSP – “Ad Fundum” 05:14
12. Miss Djax & Patrick DSP – “Latin Grinder” 05:28
13. Miss Djax & Patrick DSP – “Victory” 05:20
14. Miss Djax & Patrick DSP – “Breath Of Life” 04:21
15. Miss Djax & Patrick DSP – “Live Performance at Awakenings Festival 30 June 2012” (continuous Live PA mix) 59:33
Techno Crusaders

Techno Crusaders

The album “Techno Crusaders” by Miss Djax & Patrick DSP is out now at all major shops.

 iTunesJuno DownloadBeatport

Miss Djax and Patrick DSP join forces!

Miss Djax and Patrick DSP have often spoken about their influences and experience within the music industry. It was evident that their musical background and love for electronic music had a strong resemblance.
This, combined with the mutual respect for each others work, made the collaboration between these two versatile artists the logical next step.

In May of this year they came together in Eindhoven for a ten day non-stop studio session and recorded their album ‘Techno Crusaders‘. They also worked on their live performance which debuted on June the 30th at Awakenings Festival 2012.

Techno Crusaders‘ is a culmination of everything that brought these two techno masters into electronic music years ago: Techno, Acid, Detroit, Chicago, Disco, House and Rave. The album, with its 14 tracks, clearly reveals their old school roots and future vision.

Watch the video for the title track ‘Techno Crusaders‘:

The album release will include the full Live Performance from the Awakenings Festival ;2012 as a bonus feature!Miss Djax & Patrick DSP – Techno Crusaders – Djax-Up-22 Release 11 September 2012

Techno Crusaders