Techno Crusaders

Techno Crusaders

The album “Techno Crusaders” by Miss Djax & Patrick DSP is out now at all major shops.

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Miss Djax and Patrick DSP join forces!

Miss Djax and Patrick DSP have often spoken about their influences and experience within the music industry. It was evident that their musical background and love for electronic music had a strong resemblance.
This, combined with the mutual respect for each others work, made the collaboration between these two versatile artists the logical next step.

In May of this year they came together in Eindhoven for a ten day non-stop studio session and recorded their album ‘Techno Crusaders‘. They also worked on their live performance which debuted on June the 30th at Awakenings Festival 2012.

Techno Crusaders‘ is a culmination of everything that brought these two techno masters into electronic music years ago: Techno, Acid, Detroit, Chicago, Disco, House and Rave. The album, with its 14 tracks, clearly reveals their old school roots and future vision.

Watch the video for the title track ‘Techno Crusaders‘:

The album release will include the full Live Performance from the Awakenings Festival ;2012 as a bonus feature!Miss Djax & Patrick DSP – Techno Crusaders – Djax-Up-22 Release 11 September 2012

Techno Crusaders

Chicago Remixes

Chicago (Remixes)

Chicago Remixes

Release Date: 08 March 2012
Label: Elektrax Proper Recordings 03

Release/catalogue: ELEK-PROPER03

Track Listing

1. Wyndell Long – “Chicago” (2012 remix) 06:33
2. Wyndell Long – “Chicago” (Patrick DSP’s Throw Back Remix) 08:05
3. Wyndell Long – “Chicago” (Omega Drive remix) 06:51
4. Wyndell Long – “Chicago” (Hristian Stojanowski remix) 05:36
5. Wyndell Long – “Chicago” (Diarmaid O Meara remix) 06:50
6. Wyndell Long – “Chicago” (Martin Mueller remix) 05:36
7. Wyndell Long – “Chicago” (Orlando Voorn remix) 09:49