NepTune Studios
Patrick DSP
The Lair is also known as NepTune Studios. NepTune Studios was founded in around 1999 as an outlet for our obsession with sound and the intricate details that surround music. NepTune’s services include mastering, mixing, studio design, original production, remixing and engineering. It is here where the lushest ambient to the most insane throbbing techno is made.The studio features access to some of the finest digital and analog audio equipment available. The preservation studio’s signal path features 96kHz, 24-bit capability and is “bit-clean,” which means that digital audio put into the system comes out unaltered unless alterations are deliberately introduced. The studios also offer noise reduction restoration services for audio, utilizing some of the finest tools available today.
  • Note: Mastering is a process that most people confuse with mix down or post-production. Mastering is a process that should be attempted by experienced professionals with the right equipment and years of experience. Please do not add limiters/compressors to your master channel before submitting your music.
  • For information about projects, scheduling or pricing, please contact us at

Who is your Mastering Engineer?Patrick Gharapetian aka Patrick DSP has been involved in the music industry over 15 years, both as a mastering engineer, full time producer, teacher and sound engineer.As a mastering engineer, he has been commissioned to be exclusive engineer for many record labels worldwide. With countless other mastering jobs for producers world-wide, his ear for sound and perfectionist demeanor allows him to make sure that no time is ever wasted and the final results are nothing short of breath taking.As a producer, he was noted for being one of the best new producers in 2004 by Henry Cullen aka D.A.V.E. The Drummer and has worked with a vast array of talented top rated producers such as Chris Liberator, Glenn Wilson, Space DJz, PETDuo, to name a few. With many of his releases being charted by some of the industries top players. Not only has he established himself as a leader in the electronic music scene, but also tackling on film scores and sound design on an international level.

NepTune Studios
A few quotes about NepTune Studios Miss Djax, Djax Records, NL“Very professional and excellent service.”
Adam Jay, Chroma Recordings, US – “Mastering is as much a concept as it is a service. Because of this, a great deal of trust is needed. I have the utmost confidence in Patrick’s mastering”
Wetworks, Compound, Punish, Mastertraxx, US “Patrick’s mastering is second to none. His experience in the industry, along with his audio talents enable him to fully understand the sound and the full on feel of the music he masters.”
Diarmaid O Meara, Gobsmacked Records, IE/DE – “Some of the sweetest sounding masters and one of the sweetest sounding rigs I’ve come across. Great Service!”
Stuart Holt, Most Interesting Person Films, UK/DE“Walking into Patrick’s studio is like walking into space, that’s how acoustically perfect it is. It is representative of his meticulous approach to sound design… I couldn’t recommend working with patrick enough, one for his knowledge and two because he is simply a stand-up person, trustworthy and a friend to all.”
Chris Thornton, Recording Lecturer, Access to Music, Question of Time Studios, US“Here at r3tox we have always been glad to work with Patrick and found his rates to be reasonable and his work of excellent quality”
Mark Grimace, Unit 42, CA“I have relied on Patrick’s ear for 15+ years. His attention to detail and over all level of craft is second to none”
Twisted Circuits Records, CA – “When it came time to get our most recent full length release mastered, we knew we wanted it to be the kind of recording that could shake tooth fillings loose when played on the right system. We approached Patrick @ Neptune Studios as we knew he would be up to the challenge and that he had the skills to get it done right. And well, he delivered! He managed to bring all of the tracks to life, create a consistent sound for the album…and yes, it all shakes bass bins just how we wanted it to!”
A few quotes about Patrick DSP, the producer Mark EG, Core Magazine, UK “Patrick is an incredible talent. A man who truly knows his stuff. I’d recommend him to everyone!”
Jamie Bissmire, Space Djz, UK – “Patrick is a consummate professional, it’s always a pleasure working with him”
Mattias Fridell, Tonal Path, SE – “Patrick DSP is definitely one of the coolest guys when it comes to the techno scene. Always easy going and great to work with. Production wise he is always aiming for the big slamming tracks even if he dropped the tempo recently. Myself & Patrick been in the techno business for over a decade by now and he’s showing no signs to slow down on the production & doing gigs and keep Techno up there.”
Gunjack, Planet Rhythm, Submissions, Pornographic, US“Patrick is one of the only people in the world with whom i trust my vision. i know i can always count on him to give honest feedback and take my humble projects to another level!”
Paul Langley, Jackstar Recordings, UK“Anyone can produce a track but it takes someone with a tuned ear and background is sound engineering to make it punch in the mix, Patrick is one of those few guys that can turn a piece of coal into a diamond in the studio”
Dylan Drazen, Remains, US “Patrick is one of the last of a handful of hard techno producers in the world who knows what he’s doing.”
Fine Audio Recordings, DE “Slamming well produced techno funk!”
DJ Preach, Relic Records, CA“Patrick’s one of the great hard techno survivors!”
PETDuo, Kne’ Deep, DE/BR“Patrick DSP is the one who opened the doors to the mysteries of electronic music production for us. Even though we were beginners, he was more than just a teacher for knowing software environments; he helped us develop the fundamentals to the core of music theory, arrangement and composition of great music.”
DJ Android, Audio School, RU“I think that Patrick DSP is the one of the most skilled producers. I have met many people who were just talk but, Patrick was very professional about music production. When I have problems in the studio, I always call him for advice and get a quick answer. I love working with Patrick!!!”
Michael Deko-ze, Hi-Bias Records, CA“Patrick has been producing longer than many of todays’ producers and it shows. He is fast, extremely proficient but most importantly takes the time to explain how he got from Point A to Point B. He is dedicated and obviously loves what he does! Its a part of him – like Borg. And he’s a swell cat to boot.”