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NepTune StudiosThe studio features access to some of the finest digital and analog audio equipment available. The preservation studio’s signal path features 96kHz, 24-bit capability and is “bit-clean,” which means that digital audio put into the system comes out unaltered unless alterations are deliberately introduced. The studios also offer noise reduction restoration services for audio, utilizing some of the finest tools available today.

Mastering Engineer service involves careful attention to audio detail and adjustment of sound for accurate playback and recording. All digital master recordings are verified for readability and bit-accuracy. All mastering sessions include both a master and original audio reference for your approval. We can split CDs, and provide your masters back to you as AIFF or WAV formats, whichever you prefer.

For CD Masters we include any CD text information relating to the tracks and ISRC codes if supplied. There is no track minimum required, if you just want one track mastered, that is not a problem.

  • Note: Mastering is a process that most people confuse with mix down or post-production. Mastering is a process that should be attempted by experienced professionals with the right equipment and years of experience. Please do not add limiters/compressors to your master channel before submitting your music.
  • If you are striving for a particular sound please provide a sample of the reference material along with your package.
  • Please provide each track as a separate file rendered at a minimum of 44.1kHz/24bit with -6db RMS of headroom.
  • To send your files to us, feel free to provide a link from you own web host or choose any free file hosting provider:
  • Please feel free to contact us if you need more than 5 tracks mastered or if you’d like to inquire about our mixdown or consulting services. 2-3 business days are needed per track.
  • For information about projects, scheduling or pricing, please contact

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Who is your Mastering Engineer?Patrick Gharapetian aka Patrick DSP has been involved in the music industry over 15 years, both as a mastering engineer, full time producer, teacher and sound engineer.As a mastering engineer, he has been commissioned to be exclusive engineer for many record labels worldwide. With countless other mastering jobs for producers world-wide. His ear for sound and perfectionist demeanor allows him to make sure that no time is ever wasted and the final results are nothing short of breath taking.More about Patrick DSP & NepTune Studios here.

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