HAHAHAHA I forgot about this! Thanks Brian B. It was such a hilarious weekend!

“Around this time while visiting with Patrick DSP, a plucky kid came up to me and asked me if the person I was visiting with was Jon the Dentist – but he was pointing to Patrick DSP and not the angry fella on stage. I walked over to Patrick and whispered in his ear “you are Jon The Dentist, go with it” and introduced the kid. Needless to say, the kid was over the moon to meet his idol. Patrick, being the world-class performer that he is took this kid under his wing for what seemed like hours. My mind is foggy on the actual duration but I know that I saw them several more times over the next little bit and I have no idea what muck Patrick was saying but it all came to a crashing end when this kid, thinking he was being polite, offered Patrick the Dentist DSP some meth to which Patrick replied “Fuck Off” and walked away. The kid disappeared into the festival, never to be seen again but you could hear the sound of his heart breaking over the sound system.”

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