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TLM ProductionsBeing able to hear what you are making is more important than any piece of equipment you could ever own in your studio. NepTune Studios offers Studio Design and Room EQ Consulting services to help you achieve the best result for your recording space.

We can take the time to work with you to design a space that is not only acoustically sound but functions well in your day to day routine.

  • Room measurements and calculations of Reverberation Times (RT60), Room Modes, and Room Frequency Response taken with the greatest of care.
  • A 3d rendering of your studio space, indicating the proper location of monitors / absorbers / traps / diffusers, is provided. We can also work with you to construct your studio.
  • Permanent room equalization is done to provide you with an uncoloured recording space. What you hear is only what you are producing not the room. Click to see our results – Room EQ Chart .
  • Able to handle any budget or project size, big or small. With a track record of designing studios world wide from up-and-coming artists to international renowned producers.
  • For information about projects, scheduling or pricing, please contact


Who is your Audio Engineer?Patrick Gharapetian aka Patrick DSP has been involved in the music industry over 15 years, both as a mastering engineer, full time producer, teacher and sound engineer.

As an audio engineer, he has been commissioned to be exclusive engineer for many record labels worldwide. His ear for sound and perfectionist demeanor allows him to make sure that no time is ever wasted and the final results are nothing short of breath taking.

More about Patrick DSP & NepTune Studios here.

NepTune Studios